A-Z VoIP Wholesale Service


1.Stable And Premium Routes: Voice traffic entered exchanged network of ViViCall Technology will send to famous international telecommunications companies directly, users can quickly connect to the call and ensure the quality of voice communications.

2.Multiple Routes: through a number of domestic and abroad operators to establish direct-connected cooperation relationship, ViViCall Technology can provide A-Z global VoIP services, bringing high-quality international voice services.  

3.Aggressive Rate: As a professional telecommunication provider, ViViCall Technology has plentiful voice traffic transferred with domestic and abroad telecoms, hence to achieve competitive rate and to provide satisfied service.  

4.Comprehensive Quality Service: Our professional customer service and network engineers provide 7x24x365 full-time network monitoring and professional technical support services to ensure that to provide customers smooth, clear and high-quality phone communication services.  

5. How to cooperate: If your company has more than 5,000 minutes of international calls, please contact us and the customer service staff will provide you with 7 x24x365 service.   


  • Stable And Premium Routes
  • Multiple Routes
  • Aggressive Rate
  • Comprehensive Quality Service
  • 7x24x365 full-time network monitoring