Call Center

  The call center is based on the pure B / S architecture of the distributed call center system with complete function, stable performance, strong scalability. A distributed call center can realize centralized management to remote agents , all business data stored in client-server database to ensure data's security, confidentiality. At the same time, the system can provide secondary development controls and other application software/business system integration.

  According to the needs of customers and taking into account of the late expansion and unified management, it adopted the international popular distributed call center architecture in the early stages of development which could make full use of Internet to bulid a integrated voice data network in combination with headquarters and division to achieve unified access / call out, unified incoming calls, unified management; to achieve efficient, convenient and high-quality customer service; to achieve the distribution office of agents. In addition, we are doing targeted services in all parts of the country not only improve the corporate image but also reduce office cost.

  Call center system is consists of data line channel, communication server, recording server, data server, intelligent switches, and media gateway. All servers are arranged at the server room, customers only need to configure a separate communication server connect the server room through the VPN network with the country through the machine room connection, without the purchase of other equipment.


1, Interactive voice response
    An IVR can play automatically announcements and request an input from the caller. Customers according to their own needs to choose the product (e.g. product A "please press 1", product B, "please press 2" ... ...). On the basis of different products, it will transfer to different agent or processing agent group. Note: The system has IVR level 28.

2, Automatic call distributor system
    The system distributes automatically incoming calls, that is it will transfer to the least agent in accordance with the calculation of a certain way. If the agents were in the call, the system would automatically play music to generate online waiting queue. If no one answered, the system would automatically forward IVR voice response, or switch to voice mail box.

3, Agent function
    Interconvertible agent extension can hold, transfer and grab the call at the same time to improve agents' efficiency. For the marketing call center agents, more important is the customer information's entry and orders' generation.

4, Data's import function
    All agent information can be imported, that is the administrator can import information including name, address, contacts, service number, service level, notes etc. in accordance with agent's business process, agent group, and other conditions.

5, Data's export function
    All of the customer's data can be exported, like exported according to customers' intention, service time, note, agent number, contact time etc.

6, Customer data management
    All customer information is centralized management storing all information in the server (call information, recording, customer information and so on). Authorized by the client computer can support a large number of users concurrent access. The system supports the addition, editing, modification and deletion of customer data, and also supports the query and statistics of entered data.

7, Statistical report function
    According to the query conditions, selecting the date, agent number, agent group and other query conditions can be counted. Statistics include total call volume, call volume, call success rate, incoming volume, response rate, response time, agent utilization and so on.

8, Call screening function
    The system supports the call screening function, that is when the customer calls, the computer will pop up the customer's information. The agent can edit the customer profile.

9, Permissions setting
    The agent manager has the privilege of monitoring, recording, compulsory transfer, interrupting, disrupting etc., and also is in charge of monitoring and managing all statues of whole agents, analyzing and total call volume and traffic billing, inquiring and managing record, classifying agents group etc.

10, Recording function
    The system supports the "synchronous recording" function for incoming calls. The recording file can be played at any time. The administrator can also set the recording range and time period according to the specific situation meanwhile unset the recording for some calls and some people and so on.

11, Monitoring function
    The system supports on-line monitoring function for outgoing calls of incoming/outgoing calls. The management staff can conduct on-line tutoring of agents according to the agent's words, tones and so on.
    Notes: If administrator found problems of marketing staff in the daily communication through the recording files, he could provide it as an evidence in dispute. Such as over-commitments lead to complaints.

Characteristics and advantages

* Various Access: fixed, mobile phones, IP phones and so on.

* Various Service Modes: interactive automatic dialing and manual dialing, improving the efficiency of customer service center and customers’ satisfaction.

* High-integration System: it integrates with PBX function, IP gateway, recording monitoring, automatic traffic distribution etc.

* Diversified Business: it provides (pre-sale, sale, host-sale) advice, inquiries, complaints, business admissions and other value-added business functions.

* Streamlined Business Process: to create a green channel between enterprises and customers, adapts to different departments and industry business processes.

* Integrative Kernel Design: Based on such a system of distributed call center, to ensure the stability of the entire system and voice data synchronization transfer, to achieve real distribution and management with high security, high reliability, Cost-effective.

* Unified Management: easy to manage and maintain, so that remote management of multi-branch system into reality, as long as connected to the Internet, you can support the call center service and management. Whether it’s local or remote, as long as the point can be connected with all servers to be managed, you can truly achieve the physical distribution of the call center, centralized management, multi-agent, multi-site participation services to facilitate the entire system scheduling and Centralized management of monitoring.

* Strong scalability and secondary development capabilities: open, standard platform interface, with the development of network technology applications to carry more and more updated features to protect the customer's investment, so that the entire system can expand with the development of technology and customer needs.

* Data and voice information synchronization transfer: the agent can enter the call center according to the customer number that is the calling number to the database to extract the relevant information. In addition, the regional call center, sub-center between the voice, data, agents and other information and resources can be fully shared.

Application Scopes

Application Scopes

 Call Center has reached top level for its capacity, stability, and multiple functions.

    For call center, the high reliability is the guarantee keep the system operating well and also is the focus of users' concern. In this case, the system of softswitch using call server (softswitch SSC) + relay server + IVR server + data server + application server + hot standby server mode adopts VoE technology, VoIP technology, layered solidification technology, Operating system, integrated technology, hierarchical application architecture and many other proprietary technology and leading technology simultaneously using the modular design of the idea, the use of interface modules to achieve the switch system configuration and scalability; at the same time, the call center platform selected Carrier-class hardware equipment: US imports Quintum voice gateway, the United States CISCO high-end routers, EVOC high-end industrial computer, IBM original server, these advanced equipment to ensure that the system in the hardware platform to achieve carrier-class reliability.

    Call center platform integration on the basis of a high stability architecture, also providing a comprehensive backup function, can effectively prevent the main components of the system caused by damage to the call center, to ensure the smooth operation of the business. The system supports the hot backup center SSC hot standby, the database server load balancing, remote regeneration and local self-help function, while supporting CTI server hot standby to ensure the stable operation of the system.