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ViViCall is one kind of the best network communication products, you can get through the worldwide with ViViCall and enjoy your high-quality conversation at low cost.

Free Sign Up and Get Upto 60 Mins Free.

Three Major Functions

The ViViCall Phone is a worldwide mobile application. ViViCall Phone supports FreeCall, VoIPCall and CallBack. It is the most convenient and affordable way to contact friends and family around the world from your mobile device.

You can call any online members over WiFi or 3G/4G in the worldwide. Enjoy the free of Calling, ViViCall definitely will be your first choice.

VoIPCall :
You can call any landlines or mobiles anywhere in the world at ViViCall's lower tariffs. It just takes a small amount of bandwidth. With the stable and reliable voice quality, ViViCall is a good helper of your communication.

Because you are called to your phone over the traditional phone networks and then connected with the party you dialed, this can also help if you're in an area with no Wi-Fi and/or poor internet quality. CallBack also can use with GPRS network and takes less than 1KB for connecting.


ViViCall International SMS

ViViCall international SMS provides high quality internation SMS solution for personal or business, which help customers to solve the high cost of sending massage. ViViCall offers a low cost SMS service that saves you up to 65% on your international texting.

Most messages are delivered in seconds. Send many messages at once and maximum is 1000 masssage.

Reach To Worldwide

ViViCall can let you reach to more than 300 countries to call at low cost by phone, which can reach to all kinds of phones (include fixed telephone, mobile phone).

Comprehensive Range of Application :We provide web phone service to all over the world, from individuals to large enterprise organizations (including: household, enterprise, company, travel agency, foreign trade, foreign organization and so on), especially for users who have relatives, friend, lover and branch in domestic and oversea.


ViViCall Recharge

Provide Apple and Alipay Recharge method.Because Apple's system will charge 30% of the fee, It is recommended to use Alipay top priority.

Provide Google Play,PayPal,Alipay,YeePay and other recharge methods.

Fully Functional

APP also provides the following features :
Change Password,CallBack Setting,Check Balance,Speed Dial,Recharge Center,Recharge Record,Calling Plan,Call Record,SMS Record,Price Info,Sync Contains,Upgrade,Feedback.

An APP can complete the full-station operation, convenient and quick, download experience quickly!

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